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About Us

What Will Happen is an online Bible prophecy resource, aimed at pulling together lots of different, but great content, into one convenient place. I do not create any of the content myself. Instead, I watch hours of video and read plenty of articles, pulling together the best ones into categories that can be easily referenced by others on my website. I did this because friends were asking me to recommend Bible prophecy related video's to watch and articles to read.

I am a visual learner and like to see things drawn out on a diagram. With that in mind, I have attempted to draw a timeline of events, based on my understanding of the Bible. You can view and download my timeline diagram here.

You can suggest new articles or video's, that I may have missed, using this contact form.

I do not operate a user discussion forum on this website, as I would prefer to use my time searching for more great content, rather than managing an online forum. I therefore suggest that you use the excellent user forum's found at Revelation 12 Daily or Unsealed.

Come Soon Lord Jesus!