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Latest thoughts and comments from Barry Scarbrough

Barry Scarbrough, Published in 2018 and 2019

Barry Scarbrough comments regularly on world events relating to scripture. Barry is a "watchman on the wall" for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He is regularly accompied by watchdog on the couch and his son!

My Parents

Newspaper Pointing to Rapture of Church? Yes, It Is...

History Channel Ancient Aliens? Yup, Bible Covers It

"Hey Pharisee: There Are No PHASES to Salvation! Yours Truly, The Word of God"

311 - RFID Scanner from ‘17 Dream Goes OFF PATENT March 11, 2019!

Chinese Social Credit System Predicts Coming Antichrist!

Tim Henderson and 3 Urgent Rapture Signs

Dream: Apple of God’s Eye Soon to be Divided

US Govt HHS Creating Humanized Mice with Late Term Aborted Baby Parts

The End Was Declared in Genesis 11 and the NWO Has It's New Tower of Babel!

Does Bible Point to Russia Nuking USA in First Strike?

Please, Please Believe in Jesus Now! No WORK Required

Rabbis Declare Soon Return of Mesiah - Listen Closely!

America Driving Backwards

Learnings from the Fall of Pastor James McDonald

12 Signs of Soon Rapture - Look Up Christian!

Babylon USA: An In Depth Revelation 18 Study

Loud Booms? Bible Told Us So!

Robert Breaker’s Rapture Question - 2019?

Who Is the G.O.A.T.?

What Are You Waiting On?

Dreams of Lions Protecting Us! Rapture Soon!

Polar Blast and Heat Wave Foreshadow Coming Bowl Judgments of Rev. 16!

America in the Hands of an Angry God... God does not Tolerate Infanticide!

Is Daniel 9:20-27 Pointing to Rapture 2019?

Don’t Be Fooled! Stock/Economic Collapse is HERE

Blood Moon Signs Everywhere, ALREADY


The Signs Have MEANING!!

Three Mega Signs Heralding Rapture!! Jesus is SO CLOSE, FOLKS

How Long Will the Lord Give These Signs??

Hard Truth and Ridiculous Grace

Apocalyptic Signs in the Heavens - Jan 6 and Jan 20!

Does the Bible Show Nuclear Holocaust Coming to USA?

End Times Birth Pains Exploding!! Jesus is Coming

Can You Not SEE Rapture is Near?

Dream of US Troops Hiding from Invaders

Tribulation Coming: Gold and Silver Thrown into the Streets! Accept Jesus NOW

Grace Testimony and the Sin of Anger

All Generational Definitions Are Complete. We ARE the Final Generation!

Bears, Bears, Bears Oh My!


A Flat Earth Discussion in LOVE

Hanukkah Dedication of Third Temple Altar??? What???

Designer Babies; Earthquakes; Globalism!


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