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At Calvary Chapel Tustin, in Santa Ana, California, USA
On 5th January 2019

Barry Stagner

Barry talks about the 'Time of the Signs' and how the signs in the world today match up to scripture.

Duration: 1:00:48

Jan Markell

Jan talks about globalism, the increase in technology and the rise of the New World Order.

Duration: 1:03:31

Amir Tsarfati

Amir talks about 'The Great Separation' and how we were created by God to live with Him.

Duration: 43:12

Jack Hibbs

Jack talks about 'What is the big deal about Bible Prophecy' and answers questions like 'why is there a Biblical challenge to be watching'?

Duration: 1:03:16

Questions and Answers

Question and Answer session involving all the speakers addressing the topic of 'awaiting His return'.

Duration: 47:46

2019 Rapture?

Robert Breaker, Published on 3 Jan 2019

Robert Breaker gets back to his whiteboard and reports on the ongoing discussion that the rapture COULD take place in 2019. Very interesting!

Duration: 47:17

Comments and thoughts on this video from Barry Scarbrough


Super Wolf Blood Moon Harbinger Prophecy January 21 2019

ShantiUniverse, Published on 31 Dec 2018

This video highlights how the January full moon is set to be very special indeed as four lunar spectacles combine to give the night sky a red hue plus how this lunar event connects to the Bible Prophecy.

Duration 6:07


John Haller's Prophecy Update "Buh Bye 2018: The Year in Review"

Fellowship Bible Chapel, Published on 30 Dec 2018

John Haller reviews and sums up the year 2018. This talk covers a wide number of topics relating to Bible prophecy. A lengthy, but fascinating summary of where we are.

Duration: 1:19:31

Last Days

Our World in 2019: PROPHETIC EVENTS!"

Jason A, Published on 29 Dec 2018

Jasan A takes us on a tour of world media and highlights some of the technologies and events that are taking place at the start of 2019. Must Watch!

Duration: 17:21

Last Days

The World in 2019: Decoding Analysis

God's Roadmap to the End, Published 22nd Dec 2018

In these video's, Jaco looks at what the elite and the globalists are trying to tell us in the latest edition of the Economist's Magazine with their predictions for the World in 2019. We look at what they are showing us, combine it with what we see happening in the world as well as what the Bible tells us will happen in the last days, before the return of Israel's Messiah. I think you will be surprised at the information that is shared on these covers and the goal is to expose this information and share it with you.

Part 1: Decoding The World in 2019 [34:16]

Part 2: Decoding The World in 2019 [28:46]

Part 3: Decoding The World in 2019 [50:12]


Finding the Mountain of Moses: The Real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

The Ryan Mauro Show, Premiered on 17 Dec 2018

For generations, we have been taught we had to believe the story of the Exodus on faith alone. We were taught that Mount Sinai was located in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, but there was barely any evidence found there to make the story of Moses and the Exodus believable. A new theory has emerged in recent decades that the real Mount Sinai is actually in Saudi Arabia, along with other stunning evidences. Must Watch!

Duration 24:49


Importance of Israel in Prophecy

God's Final Jubilee Published on 12 Dec 2018

Dan Goodwin gives some insight into the importance and relevance of Israel in Bible Prophecy. Has the fig tree budded? Are we out of time?

Duration: 23:50


Sanhedrin "Third Temple" Ritual in Jerusalem

RISE Published on 11 Dec 2018

In this amazing video, activists in Jerusalem, carry out a dedication ceremony of the altar of the 3rd temple. What does this mean? It is surely a sign that we are living in the last days!

Duration: 12:24


Hanukkah, Peace Deal & 3rd Temple - The Rapture is Imminent!

REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM Published on 1 Dec 2018

In this video, Paul reviews the past couple of weeks and then highlights some important information. This includes the 3rd Temple, important dates for Jerusalem, the Dispensation, Zerubbabel, the Maccabees and Hanukkah. Great work by a faithful watchman!

Duration: 36:48

Update: Hanukkah - Day 444 - Donald Trump & Blood Moons [27:25]

Last Days

The RAPTURE: Could these be the Final Puzzle Pieces?

God's Roadmap to the End, Published on 16th to 26th Nov 2018

In these 3 video's Jaco gives us an update on how all the various events going on in the world may be puzzle pieces pointing to an imminent rapture. In the first video, Jaco talks about the middle-east peace plan. In the 2nd video, he talks about Hanukkah and how that relates to the Rapture. In the 3rd video, Jaco talks about the evil plans revealed by the Economist cover and Albert Pike. Excellent watch!

Part 1: Mid-East Peace Plan [17:53]

Part 2: Hanukkah [16:42]

Part 3: Economist Cover [13:32]

Last Days Rapture

The Coming of the Messiah - Daniel 9:25

timfoster405 Published on 3 Nov 2018

No one knows the DAY OR HOUR, but we are to know the season - and 2018/19 appears to be a high possibility for the coming of the Messiah when applying Daniel 9:25. Interesting thoughts.

Duration: 7:23

Last Days

Wake Up! Don’t Fall Back Asleep! God Awoke You For A Reason!

Rapture Watchers, Published on 2 Nov 2018

I was just thinking to myself that we are waiting on such a supernatural event. We are exercising our faith as we await God’s will and God’s timing and to believe that God will fulfill his word literally! Hallelujah!

Duration: 4:15


Will Trump's Peace Plan Invoke God's Wrath on the USA?

Steve Monette, Published on 27 Oct 2018

Every time a sitting US President proposes that Israel give up land for peace, a major natural disaster strikes the USA within a few days. Will the Deal of the Century, aka Trump's peace Plan cause the biggest natural disaster to ever hit the USA? Great research and video!

Duration: 11:16


How Much Longer Lord? Waiting On God's Perfect Timing!

Rapture Watchers Published on 18 Oct 2018

I want to encourage you all to focus your attention on God’s word and understand that His word is very clear when he tells us what the end will look like. He has given us sign after sign. He has given us very clear verses telling us what to look for to signify his soon return, and they are all here. What we need to do is focus on God’s will and God’s perfect timing. The more we think about our own timing the more we get let down. If we hold onto our faith in his will and his timing we will not be let down. Great summary of where we are right now!

Duration: 6:43


Are YOU Worthy to Escape? | Rightly Dividing Luke 21:36

Scott Clarke, Published on 1 Oct 2018

Is Luke 21:36 about the rapture? If so ... are you accounted worthy to escape the tribulation? Scott breaks it all down and rightly divides the scriptures to get to the bottom of it all. You may have to watch this a few times, as it will challenge your traditional understanding of this passage.

Duration: 13:56



At Grace Church, Eden Prarie, Minnesota, USA
On 29th September 2018

Amir Tsarfati

Amir’s message is titled “Peace and War x 4” and covers issues of the day from a biblical and prophetic perspective. What in the world is going on and how do events in the Bible manifest today?

Duration: 53:03

Pastor J.D. Farag

Pastor J.D. Farag’s message title is “Jerusalem: God’s Prophetic Clock” As the Church Age winds down, watch Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount! J.D. also ties this in with the pre-Trib Rapture. This will encourage you!

Duration: 1:08:59

Jack Hibbs

Jack’s message and warning to the church was titled “God’s Prophetic Pulpit in the Last Days

Duration: 54:02

Jan Markell

Jan gives a short commentary during a conference break about the Arch of Palmyra and the Temple of Baal.

Duration: 10:10

Pastor Billy Crone

Billy Crone focuses on Today’s Technology, the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, and how all of this will be implemented in the Antichrist’s administration during the Tribulation from which the church is absent. This message is a warning that the hour is very late.

Duration: 58:09

Eric Barger

Eric’s message was titled “Home Invasion: The Rise of the Surveillance Society”. How is today’s technology being abused, invading your privacy, following you daily, and setting the stage for the Antichrist? Eric explains in this cutting-edge information you need to know to protect those you love.

Duration: 50:04

The Generation That Shall Not Pass Away

Behold Israel, Published on 21 Sep 2018

One of the most important teachings of Jesus about the end times is known as the Olivet Discourse. Who is the generation that will watch the fig tree blossom and shall not pass away? What is the length of a generation and what is the fig tree all about? How significant is this sign and what is next? A presentation from Calvary Chapel Tustin, USA.

Duration: 52:37

Following Q&A Session [1:06:22]


Blood Moon Tetrad & Rev. 12 Sign... A Final Countdown Pointing to the Here & NOW?!!!

IT IS FINISHED, Published on 20 Sep 2018

I love video's where someone just talks into a camera while in their car! You get their raw thoughts just spoken out loud. This one from Todd is brilliant. Speculation: Yes, but some excellent thoughts pulling the bigger picture together. Love all the movie clips - why is 9/23 in so many movies? Excellent watch!!

Duration: 24:28

Last Days

Astonishing Menorah Revelation The Sequence of Messianic Events!

Pearl Kolleri, Published on 19 Sep 2018

The Study of the Menorah gives us an astonishing sequence of Messianic events as the Menorah is God's way of showing us the end from the beginning. It is the physical counterpart of 'God's Plan of Redemption in Action' for all mankind. You can understand the plan only if you have a clear grasp of what the Menorah is. An amazing study!!

Duration: 29:00


Mystery of Paradise and Being Born Again

God's Final Jubilee, Published on 16th Sep 2018

Where was Paradise? Why did OT Saints go to Paradise instead of Heaven? Are OT people "born again?" Are OT people saved by keeping the law? Do we get "born again" at the rapture? Dan Goodwin takes us through a passionate presentation in order to answer these questions.

Duration: 28:39


One Second After Rapture

Andy Woods, Published on 8 Sep 2018

A fascinating lecture by Dr Andy Wood, who takes us through the events that take place right after the Rapture of the church. This was a Compass International presentation at the “Steeling the Mind” conference in Spokane, WA, in 2016 and just recently put online.

Duration: 46:04

Rapture Tribulation

The Mark of the Beast

Robert Breaker, Published on 8 Sep 2018

An interesting sermon, where Robert Breaker tells us what the Bible says about the Mark of the Beast, that will happen during the Tribulation.

Duration: 56:44


A Recent Astronomical Alignment Predicted in Revelation 12

HawksJHawks, Published on 4 Sep 2018

Revelation 12:1-2 predicted an amazing astronomical alignment that recently aligned with perfect precision, and the implications are huge! This video is a good summary of the Revelation 12 sign that took place in our skies on September 23rd 2017. If this astronomical sign is new to you, then this is a MUST watch video! and it is a great refresher to all of us!

Duration: 13:50


The World in 2018: Prospects and Prophetic Insights for 2018

God's Roadmap to the End, Published on 29 Aug 2018

In this video Jaco looks at the Revelation 12 sign that was fulfilled on September 23, 2017 in hindsight and what to make of the events occurring in the world today as well as the overwhelming number of signs that are given to us by our Heavenly Father through events happening in the world around us that are clearly associated with Biblical prophecy. Good summary of where we mght be!

Duration: 22:16

Last Days

The Truth About The Star The Wise Men Saw!

Signs From Heaven, Published on 27 Aug 2018

What did the Wise Men see that got them so excited two thousand years ago? Hidden in the planets orbits are the keys to understanding this age-old mystery as well as the veracity of Yeshua as the Messiah! Fabulous documentary!!

Duration: 1:01:12


The Last Trump Timeline 2018

ENDTIME DREAM & VISION Published on 17th and 6th Aug 2018

What did we miss when studying Heavenly signs and signs on the Earth of Matthew 24? Only the biggest one starring us right in the face! Interesting speculation and a good watch.

Part 1:The Last Trump Timeline [24:43]

Part 2:The Last Trump Timeline [24:47]

Astronomy Rapture

These Events are of Biblical Proportions! (2018-2019)

Jason A Published on 25 Jul 2018

Prophetic natural events from around the world in the last week, as reported by the world's media. The earth is certainly reeling!

Duration: 14:41

Last Days

Israel Officially Establishes Biblical Identity

Barry Scarbrough, Published on 20 Jul 2018

The Jewish Nation-State Basic Law (passed yesterday) now makes official that: (1) The land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people only. (2) The Israelites' ancient language, Hebrew, is now the official language of the land. (3) The biblical calendar is now the official calendar of Israel. (4) Keeping the biblical Sabbath is now a nationwide requirement. (5) The biblical festivals and holidays are now officially recognized by the state and must be kept nationwide. (6) The Israeli government must work to complete ingathering the exiles. (7) Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel. (8) Jewish settlement of the Holy Land is now a "national value" and will be officially encouraged by the government. (9) The state shall act in official capacity to preserve the Jewish religion around the world. (10) The Star of David is the official flag, the Second Temple's Menorah is the official state symbol, and Hatikvah, a poem which formalizes the Israelites' prophetic desire to return to Zion, is the official national anthem. (11) The official name of Israel from the "State of Israel" to just "Israel". See also the article on the unsealed.org website and the final text of the Jewish nation-state law, approved by the Knesset early on July 19.

Duration: 14:07


Enoch and Elijah: Two Rapture Types

Brenda Weltner, Published on 9 Jul 2018

Brenda takes us through an interesting Bible study of the rapture of Enoch and Elijah and what that may mean for our future. Brenda has written a book "Visions: A Guide to Decoding the Book of Revelation", which is now available for free download from google drive.

Duration: 10:36


Prophecy Update

Blessed Hope 2018 Published on 19 Jun 2018

Steve takes us through some amazing numbers, mostly concerning the number 70. Either all these are coincidences or they mean something. I urge you to watch this video and make up your own mind!

Duration: 20:12

Last Days

End Times Fatigue

J.D. Farag Published on 17 Jun 2018

Pastor J.D. talks about end times fatigue and an antagonistic shift away from Bible prophecy, particularly from the younger generation. If you are not feeling excited by the Lord's return or don't think it will happen in your lifetime or just don't care, then this is a must watch video for you! This video refers to this article in the Guardian newspaper.

Duration: 49:40

Last Days

The Berisheet Passover Prophecy

RockIslandBooks Uploaded on 14 Jun 2018

Does the very first word in the Bible reveal the End from the Beginning? This trilogy of study video's delve into the ancient Hebrew language to reveal an amazing answer!

Part 1: The Berisheet Passover Prophecy [14:55]

Part 2: The Berisheet Passover Prophecy [23:15]

Part 3: The Berisheet Passover Prophecy [29:16]

Last Days

The Times and The Seasons In the Bible

Robert Breaker Published on 4 Jun 2018

Robert Breaker, of the Cloud Church, gives a bible study in which he shows what the Bible says about the Times and Seasons, and asks the question: Could we be very close to the rapture??? Especially with God beginning to work with the nation of Israel again. This video does NOT attempt to set the date of the rapture. Rather, in light of recent events, it only ASKS the question: Could it be soon???

Duration: 1:03:13

Last Days

The Nation of Israel and the Jews

Robert Breaker Published on 1 Jun 2018

Robert Breaker, of the Cloud Church, talks about the Nation of Israel and the Jews, and their 70th Anniversary as a nation! Does this tie in with Biblical Prophecy?

Duration: 1:15:17


One-Third of the Stars Fall to the Earth - in 2018!

Signs From Heaven Published on 30 May 2018

Comet 21P is on track to cross the Earth’s path just three weeks ahead of our planet’s arrival on October 8, 2018. This has happened before! In 1933, it caused a meteor storm – warning Europe of Hitler’s rise to power. In 1946, it caused a second meteor storm – warning America of the rise of the United Nations and the One World Governmental System. It is about to cause a third, and final, meteor storm this year – and the threat it appears to be warning us about is too evil to even contemplate!

Duration: 23:07


‘You have made history’: Netanyahu hails Trump at Jerusalem embassy opening

U.S. Embassy Jerusalem, Streamed live on 14 May 2018

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Donald Trump for “making history by recognizing history” at a ceremony dedicating the new US embassy in Jerusalem, while President Reuven Rivlin thanked the US president for “keeping his promise.” “What a glorious day,” Netanyahu told the crowd at the new embassy building in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Arnona. “Remember this moment, this is history. President Trump, by recognizing history, you have made history.” Watch the complete ceremony!

Duration: 2:29:37

The Times of Israel Article


Storm exposes 70-year-old copy of independence declaration

The Times of Israel, Published on 8 May 2018

On May 14th 2018, the fig tree (Israel) is 70 years old and the number 70 is a very important to God. Amazingly to highlight that fact, a copy of Israel’s Declaration of Independence dating back to the year that the State of Israel was born was discovered during efforts to remove an old tree damaged that was during surprise storms two weeks ago!!

The Times of Israel Article


The Feast Of Pentecost And The Rapture Of The Church (A Study)

Watchman On The Wall 88 Published on 2 May 2018

This Video presents a study on the possibility on the connection between the Rapture of the Church and the Feast of Pentecost....It's wise to look for the Lord's return each and every day! Click download (below) to download the 32 page pdf study document.

Duration: 10:14

Download pdf Study Document


The World in 2018: Trump's Decision on Iran and the Start of Jacob's Trouble

God's Roadmap to the End Published on 30 April 2018

In this video, Jaco looks at how the events currently transpiring in the Middle East and specifically, how the Iranian Nuclear Deal or JCPOA is linked to several prophecies in the Word of God. Actions and personalities that are now in play have been identified thousands of years ago and what we see today is Bible Prophecy being fulfilled, meticulously accurate and absolutely appropriate for the times that we are living in. We also look at how the Sign of Revelation 12 - of a woman in travail - points us to an upcoming birthday and the events that will precede this with many associated prophecies. Fantastic, must watch video!!

Duration: 29:00

Last Days

From 1950s rationing to modern high-tech boom: Israel’s economic success story

The Times of Israel on April 18, 2018

From a war-torn nation struggling for survival and lacking natural resources, the biblical land of milk and honey has become a technological powerhouse which has seen economic growth for 15 consecutive years ... Read more about the miracle of the nation of Israel as foretold by the Old Testament prophets.

The Times of Israel Article


Inside the White House Bible Study group

BBC News on April 8, 2018

For the first time in at least 100 years, the US Cabinet has a bible study group. What do they learn? What does Donald Trump make of it?

BBC News Article

Last Days

The Day Death Was Defeated!

IT IS FINISHED Published on 31 Mar 2018

Revelation 5:12-13 - "Worthy is the Lamb that hath been slain to receive the power, and riches, and wisdom, and might and honor, and glory, and blessing. And every created thing which is in the heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and on the sea, and all things are in them, heard I saying, Unto him that sitteth on the throne, and unto the Lamb, be the blessing, and the honor, and the glory, and the dominion, for ever and ever." HAPPY EASTER!

Duration: 4:11


The 4th & Final Cup of Passover, "I Will Take/Harpazo". GOD's People ALWAYS delivered at PASSOVER

IT IS FINISHED Published on 29 Mar 2018

In Exodus 6:6-7 we learn there are four cups of wine partaken at the Passover, leading to 4 fulfillments of this feast: "I will bring out", "I will deliver", "I will redeem", "I will take". This fascinating video explores this and the one fulfillment remaining - I will take - i.e. The Rapture.

Duration: 10:03


Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) believes bitcoin will be the world’s sole currency within 10 years

Tech Crunch on Mar 26, 2018

“The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be bitcoin” said Dorsey. Seems we are getting closer to the one world government, one world religion and one world currency prophesied in the book of Revelation 13

Tech Crunch News Article


Turkey's Erdogan calls for 'ARMY of Islam' to ATTACK Israel on all sides

Daily Express on Mar 26, 2018

TURKEY’S President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) have announced they want to create an “army of Islam” to wage war against Israel. This sounds like the Gog/Magog war of Ezekiel 38/39 in the making!

Daily Express News Article

Last Days

All Creation Awaits THIS Moment in the Near Future

On Point Preparedness Published on 19 Mar 2018

This fabulous short film gives us a glimpse of what life will be like after Jesus returns and lifts the curse on creation, restoring the natural world as God originally intended.

"For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God." Romans 8:19-21

Duration: 4:32


Are We the Terminal Generation: 15 Signs of His Imminent Return?

Jan Markell Published on 4 Mar 2018

Jan Markell, of Olive Tree Ministries, discusses 15 signs of Jesus Christ's imminent return as reflected in the current world events and individuals that fulfill the Word of God.

Duration: 1:07:53

Last Days

The Revelation 12 Sign in 5 Minutes! September 23 2017 Alignment Explained What you need to know

Parable of the Vineyard, September 23rd 2017

The Revelation 12 Sign is an extremely rare and complex astronomical alignment which many believe matches the Biblical prophecy found in Revelation 12:1-2. Multiple celestial bodies converged into one area of the sky to literally fulfill the imagery found in the Bible. MUST WATCH.

Duration: 4:58


The Sign

By AT&T Published August 2017

A professional documentary produced by AT&T, the largest telecommunication network in the USA. This documentary was broadcast on TV during August 2017, just before the American eclipse and the Rev 12 sign of 23rd September 2017. Good watch, as it presents a well balanced overview.

Duration: 1:21:01


The Star of Bethlehem Documentary

Christian Follower Published on 17 Nov 2015

It’s an astronomical mystery. A strange star appeared at the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. This film is an investigation of the story found in the Bible often called the ‘Star of Bethlehem.’ A great account of one man's work to discover the truth.

Duration: 1:04:46


Are You Rapture Ready?

Robert Breaker Published on 15 Sep 2017

Preached by Pastor/Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker, of the Cloud Church, who simply asks the question on whether or not you are rapture ready? great sermon!

Duration: 1:09:15


What to Do if you Miss the Rapture

Robert Breaker Published on 4 Sep 2015

Preached by Pastor/Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker, of the Cloud Church, who shows how to be saved if you are left behind at the Rapture.

Robert Breaker

Duration: 43:11

Rapture Tribulation

The Great Pyramid - An Altar to the Lord?

BibleTruth411 Published on 24 Nov 2013

The Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt) is God's plan in stone. Do you understand how this monument demonstrates engineering, mathematics, cosmology, geography, chronology and God's plan? If you have never studied the Great Pyramid, then this is a must watch for you!

Duration: 49:12

Last Days


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