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The Last Days

But mark this: there will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good. 2 Timothy 3:1-3

Our Pick of Bible Prophecy Content

As We See the Day Approaching

Posted 3rd May 2021

Robert Breaker has posted a couple of interesting video's recently about the end-times, watching and looking to see if the day (of the rapture) is approaching. In the first video, Robert explains how the Feasts of the Lord are God's appointed times and how they relate to events - either already fulfilled - or will be fulfilled in the future. Robert (correctly in my view) argues that we WILL know when the day (of the rapture) is approaching and we see the signs of the Tribulation all around us. In the second video, Robert opens his heart on how he sees the situation in the world right now. I agree with him. Because this video contains views about the vaccine, that would be censored on YouTube, Robert uses his Rumble account instead. Both must watch!

As We See the Day Approaching - Robert Breaker [63 Mins]

Do you see what I see? - Robert Breaker [88 Mins]

Last Days

Bible Prophecy Updates

Posted by JD Farag on 4th April 2021

Pastor JD Farag has become one of the most watched Bible prophecy teachers on the internet. His weekly Bible prophecy updates are watched by many thousands of people every week. Most recently, he has been censored by YouTube, so has established his own website, where he can continue his updates uncensored. His updates describe how everything happening in the world today is exactly as Bible prophecy tells us it would be at the time of the end.

Coming to a Head Pastor JD talks about how everything is now coming to a head, in exactly the way the Bible told us it would at the time of the end. Specifically JD talks about Covid Passports, electronic surveillance systems and a social credit score. [74 Mins]
The Devil is in the Details For me, this is one of the most powerful weekly Bible Prophecy updates that Pastor JD has ever given. If what he warns about actually comes to pass, then this will become one of the world's greatest tragedies EVER. [81 Mins]
Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Cause the Fourth Seal Judgment in Revelation 6? I noticed this article, that I thought complimented Pastor J.D.'s Prophecy Update really well, and also has links to other video's that allow you to investigate further.

Last Days

The state of the world in November 2020

John Haller and Amir Tsarfati, Published November 2020

John Haller and Amir Tsarfati produce weekly updates on world news and compare that to Bible prophecy. In these updates John and Amir review the claims of voter fraud in the recent US presidential election, political unrest in Washington and various other updates from around the world.

John Haller Update: 74 minutes

Amir Tsarfati Update: 60 Mins

Last Days

June 2020 Bible Prophecy Updates

Published 28th June 2020

The current world situation and many global events, point to the coming Tribulation period. The church, we believe, will be Raptured before the Tribulation begins. These Bible prophecy updates, perfectly capture the current situation and interpret it against the backdrop of bible prophecy scripture.

What the future holds Pastor J.D Farag [64 Min]

Forget the Great Reset - It's the Great Unravelling John Haller [88 Mins]

Rapture Birth Pangs At Peak Intensity and Frequency Barry Scarbrough [42 Min]

Last Days

Middle East Peace Plan

Published 2nd Feb 2020

The long awaited middle east peace plan was finally published to the world by Donald Trump, with Benjamin Netanyahu at his side. What does the peace plan say? does it divide God's land? is it the covenant described in Daniel 9:27? What does it all mean? To answer these questions, I pull together the thoughts of some of God's Watchmen.

Full Press Conference: from the White House.

J.D. Farag: Bible Prophecy Update.

Paul Dawson: Dividing God's Land.

Barry Scarbrough: Thoughts on 'Deal of the Century'.

Peace Plan Document: PDF from the White House.

Last Days


Paul Dawson (RevelationChapter12DotCom) Published on 13th Jan 2020

Paul takes us on a journey through the world's press and reviews some of the articles in light of Bible prophecy. It is clear that God is warning this world that judgment is coming ...

Duration 40:14

Last Days

IRAN - What happens next?

Published 8th Jan 2020

The events in Iran and Iraq, involving Donald Trump and the termination of Qasem Soleimani, should pique the interest of the believer who is eagerly awaiting Christ’s return. Watch here as a collection of Bible prophecy speakers have their say on events and try to answer what happens next? One passage that keeps cropping up is Ezekiel chapter 38 and these talks explain how it is more relevant today than ever before.

Jack Hibbs: Iran, What's Next?

J.D. Farag: Bible Prophecy Update.

Perry Stone: Iran, an Update.

Amir Tsarfati: Special Middle East Update.

Paul Dawson: 2020 Vision of Division.

Last Days

Bible Prophecy Update – September 15th, 2019

J.D. Farag, Published on 15 Sep 2019

In his weekly prophecy update, Pastor J.D. talks and explains how the geopolitical upheaval causes us to put our trust in the Lord and not any man. Really good talk!

Duration 35:55

Last Days

Trump Peace Plan. The 2-State Solution Cometh, Including The Judgement of God

SR Monette, Published on 21 Jul 2019

Steve tells us the news that Jason Greenblatt has confirmed, the US Government will propose a 2-state solution as part of the Trump Peace Plan. This is not good news for the USA and Steve goes on to inform us of the warning judgements that have taken place around discussions of the peace plan.

Duration 12:39

Original Article from "The Jerusalem Post"

Israel Last Days

The Great Sign in the Heavens - Two Years Later

REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM, Published on 20 Jul 2019

Paul Dawson takes us through a study of the "Great Sign" of Revelation 12:1-2, two years on from 23rd September 2017. The study shows some interesting heavenly alignments around the Feast of Trumpets 2019 and speculates that the Great Sign might have been a 2 year warning. Paul then goes on to take a look at recent events around the world.

Duration 48:46

Astronomy Last Days

Thoughts on Convergence, Earthquakes, Mid-East Alignments and More!

Todd Hampson, Published on 16 Jul 2019

Todd shares his thoughts on the latest convergence of end-time signs, including the recent crop of earthquakes. Todd is the author of the excellent book called: "The Non-Prophet's Guide™ to the End Times"

Duration 14:33

Last Days

Top 10 Bible prophecies in play today

J.D. Farag, Published on 26 May 2019

I picked put this update from Pastor J.D. as it breaks from his usual format and presents the top 10 Bible prophecies in play today. It is good to step back and take a high level view of what is happening in the world today and how that relates to bible prophecy.

Duration 43:14

Last Days

A Pentecost Wedding | The Rapture in Focus

REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM, Published on 17th May and 26th Apr 2019

Paul shares with us his thoughts and teaching on Pentecost and how previous Biblical patterns may indicate a Pentecost wedding. In the update video, Paul talk about some latest events and the upcoming peace plan, which seems to divide the land of Israel. Excellent watch!

Duration 44:23

Latest Update (17th May) [18:18]

Last Days

Jesus is Returning Soon

Christ In Prophecy, Published on 4th April 2019

What signs indicate that Jesus Christ will soon return? This two part series teaches, from the Bible, that although we cannot know the exact day or hour of our Lord's return, we can know the season. The second part goes on to describe the signs to look out for that denote that we we are living in that season. Great teaching by Dr.David Reagan!

Part One [28:30]

Part Two [28:30]

Part Three [28:30]

Last Days

Bible Prophecy is Happening Now!

Jason A, Published on 23 Mar 2019

I really like Jason's video's, which are essentially a collection of news headlines from around the world. The clips show just how close we really are to the world, described in the Bible, at the time of the end. Jason publishes regular updates and, in my opinion, this is one of the most powerful.

Duration 15:44

Last Days

Arriving - Fulfillments of Bible Prophecy

Real Life with Jack Hibbs, Published on 15th and 21st Feb 2019

Pastor Jack Hibbs discusses the biblical importance of Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews as outlined in the prophetic book of Isaiah. Pastor Jack also teaches about the false doctrine of Replacement Theology. In the second part, Jack describes Jesus Christ’s Second Coming, including the garments He will wear, where He will arrive and the location He will travel to. For example, the Bible tells us that when He returns from the East, He will head directly to the Temple Mount. Great sermon's!

Part One [57:46]

Part Two [51:01]

Last Days

Prophetic Perspectives 2019

God's Roadmap to the End, Published on 9th & 18th Feb 2019

In these 2 video's, Jaco looks at how the Word of God is pointing us to some of the events that could occur on the Feast of Purim on Israel's calendar and how the nation of Israel, may be keeping the wrong Feast in what they refer to as a pregnant year. In the second video, Jaco speculates that the resurection of the unbelieving dead may occur at the same time as the believing dead, possibly also at Purim.

Prophecy and World Events Converging at Purim [40:44]

Finer Details Regarding the Resurrection of the Dead [21:24]

Last Days

A Scary Warning to America - the world! (2019)

Jason A, Published on 8 Feb 2019

Jason pulls together news clips from the US and China to tell the story of how technology, information and supercomputers are being used to control people. A fascinating look into the near future of our world.

Duration: 21:54

Last Days

America in 2019 - The Truth May Scare You!

Jason A, Published on 26 Jan 2019

Jason brings us this distrurbing video, which shows what is happening in America (and around the world) in 2019. The truth may scare you, it did me! It just shows how close we must be to the Rapture and the Tribulation.

Duration: 20:07

Last Days

John Haller's Prophecy Update "Buh Bye 2018: The Year in Review"

Fellowship Bible Chapel, Published on 30 Dec 2018

John Haller reviews and sums up the year 2018. This talk covers a wide number of topics relating to Bible prophecy. A lengthy, but fascinating summary of where we are.

Duration: 1:19:31

Last Days

Our World in 2019: PROPHETIC EVENTS!"

Jason A, Published on 29 Dec 2018

Jasan A takes us on a tour of world media and highlights some of the technologies and events that are taking place at the start of 2019. Must Watch!

Duration: 17:21

Last Days

Hanukkah, Peace Deal & 3rd Temple - The Rapture is Imminent!

REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM Published on 1 Dec 2018

In this video, Paul reviews the past couple of weeks and then highlights some important information. This includes the 3rd Temple, important dates for Jerusalem, the Dispensation, Zerubbabel, the Maccabees and Hanukkah. Great work by a faithful watchman!

Duration: 36:48

Last Days

The RAPTURE: Could these be the Final Puzzle Pieces?

God's Roadmap to the End, Published on 16th to 26th Nov 2018

In these 3 video's Jaco gives us an update on how all the various events going on in the world may be puzzle pieces pointing to an imminent rapture. In the first video, Jaco talks about the middle-east peace plan. In the 2nd video, he talks about Hanukkah and how that relates to the Rapture. In the 3rd video, Jaco talks about the evil plans revealed by the Economist cover and Albert Pike. Excellent watch!

Part 1: Mid-East Peace Plan [17:53]

Part 2: Hanukkah [16:42]

Part 3: Economist Cover [13:32]

Last Days Rapture

The Coming of the Messiah - Daniel 9:25

timfoster405 Published on 3 Nov 2018

No one knows the DAY OR HOUR, but we are to know the season - and 2018/19 appears to be a high possibility for the coming of the Messiah when applying Daniel 9:25. Interesting thoughts.

Duration: 7:23

Last Days

Blood Moon Tetrad & Rev. 12 Sign... A Final Countdown Pointing to the Here & NOW?!!!

IT IS FINISHED, Published on 20 Sep 2018

I love video's where someone just talks into a camera while in their car! You get their raw thoughts just spoken out loud. This one from Todd is brilliant. Speculation: Yes, but some excellent thoughts pulling the bigger picture together. Love all the movie clips - why is 9/23 in so many movies? Excellent watch!!

Duration: 24:28

Last Days

The World in 2018: Prospects and Prophetic Insights for 2018

God's Roadmap to the End, Published on 29 Aug 2018

In this video Jaco looks at the Revelation 12 sign that was fulfilled on September 23, 2017 in hindsight and what to make of the events occurring in the world today as well as the overwhelming number of signs that are given to us by our Heavenly Father through events happening in the world around us that are clearly associated with Biblical prophecy. Good summary of where we mght be!

Duration: 22:16

Last Days

These Events are of Biblical Proportions! (2018-2019)

Jason A Published on 25 Jul 2018

Prophetic natural events from around the world in the last week, as reported by the world's media. The earth is certainly reeling!

Duration: 14:41

Last Days

Mid-East Prophecy Update – July 15th, 2018

J.D. Farag, Published on 15 Jul 2018

Pastor J.D. talks about a great earthquake in Israel at the time of Ezekiel 38’s fulfillment and how close we are to the end times. Plus the Syria/Israel border and the meeting between Trump and Putin.

Duration: 34:51

Israel Last Days

Prophecy Update

Blessed Hope 2018 Published on 19 Jun 2018

Steve takes us through some amazing numbers, mostly concerning the number 70. Either all these are coincidences or they mean something. I urge you to watch this video and make up your own mind!

Duration: 20:12

Last Days

End Times Fatigue

J.D. Farag Published on 17 Jun 2018

Pastor J.D. talks about end times fatigue and an antagonistic shift away from Bible prophecy, particularly from the younger generation. If you are not feeling excited by the Lord's return or don't think it will happen in your lifetime or just don't care, then this is a must watch video for you! This video refers to this article in the Guardian newspaper.

Duration: 49:40

Last Days

The Berisheet Passover Prophecy

RockIslandBooks Uploaded on 14 Jun 2018

Does the very first word in the Bible reveal the End from the Beginning? This trilogy of study video's delve into the ancient Hebrew language to reveal an amazing answer!

Part 1: The Berisheet Passover Prophecy [14:55]

Part 2: The Berisheet Passover Prophecy [23:15]

Part 3: The Berisheet Passover Prophecy [29:16]

Last Days

The Times and The Seasons In the Bible

Robert Breaker Published on 4 Jun 2018

Robert Breaker, of the Cloud Church, gives a bible study in which he shows what the Bible says about the Times and Seasons, and asks the question: Could we be very close to the rapture??? Especially with God beginning to work with the nation of Israel again. This video does NOT attempt to set the date of the rapture. Rather, in light of recent events, it only ASKS the question: Could it be soon???

Duration: 1:03:13

Last Days

Urgent Bible Prophecy Update - Thursday, May 10th, 2018

J.D. Farag Published on 11 May 2018

Pastor J.D.gives an urgent prophecy update and gives a great summary of recent events and how that fits into the framweork given in scripture. A bit lengthy, but well worth watching!!!

Duration: 1:17:12

Israel Last Days

The World in 2018: Trump's Decision on Iran and the Start of Jacob's Trouble

God's Roadmap to the End Published on 30 April 2018

In this video, Jaco looks at how the events currently transpiring in the Middle East and specifically, how the Iranian Nuclear Deal or JCPOA is linked to several prophecies in the Word of God. Actions and personalities that are now in play have been identified thousands of years ago and what we see today is Bible Prophecy being fulfilled, meticulously accurate and absolutely appropriate for the times that we are living in. We also look at how the Sign of Revelation 12 - of a woman in travail - points us to an upcoming birthday and the events that will precede this with many associated prophecies. Fantastic, must watch video!!

Duration: 29:00

Last Days

Mid-East Prophecy Update – April 22nd, 2018

JD Farag Published on 22 Apr 2018

Pastor J.D. talks about how the world is becoming increasingly hostile towards God’s people and God’s Word. So true, when looking at the world around us, and yet most people would think that it is business as usual.

Duration: 32:50

Last Days

Unexplained Events are Happening Worldwide!

Jason A Published on 20 Apr 2018

Jason A pulls together world news of strange events going on around the world recently.

Duration: 12:34

Last Days

Americans Destruction Is Coming Soon

Think About It Published on 11 Apr 2018

Steve tells how he believes Americas destruction Is Coming Soon and how it may happen. Interesting thoughts and speculation that fits in with the thoughts of others.

Duration: 11:21

Last Days

Inside the White House Bible Study group

BBC News on April 8, 2018

For the first time in at least 100 years, the US Cabinet has a bible study group. What do they learn? What does Donald Trump make of it?

BBC News Article

Last Days

Mid-East Prophecy Update – April 8th, 2018

JD Farag Published on 8 Apr 2018

Pastor J.D. gives an extended prophecy update following the chemical attack in Syria. He asks the question, why is America not mentioned in end times Blible prophecy?

Duration: 1:16:07

Last Days

A big HOWDY to the Watchfolk, and a CALL TO UNITY!! ABBA UP!!

Zeus Mossbender Published on 29 Mar 2018

In his own unique style, Paul reviews the heavenly signs of the last few years, what it means and how we should react. His conclusion is summed up in John 13:34-35 - “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Duration: 35:29

Astronomy Last Days

Turkey's Erdogan calls for 'ARMY of Islam' to ATTACK Israel on all sides

Daily Express on Mar 26, 2018

TURKEY’S President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) have announced they want to create an “army of Islam” to wage war against Israel. This sounds like the Gog/Magog war of Ezekiel 38/39 in the making!

Daily Express News Article

Last Days

Counterfeit Christianity is Everywhere! Belief in Jesus ALONE Saves!

Barry Scarbrough Published on 13 Mar 2018

Barry talks about false Gospels all over the place, those that teach other than the Biblical truth - "if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved".

Duration: 14:56

Last Days

God And His Fig Tree: Finding Fruit In The Final Generation

By Jeff at Unsealed Published on: March 12, 2018

Jeff at Unsealed, takes us on a journey explaining from scripture that the "fig tree" in Jesus parable, represents Israel. And what does this mean? now that we find ourselves in the year of Israel's 70th anniversary (2018).

Unsealed Article

Israel Last Days

Mid-East Prophecy Update – March 11th, 2018

JD Farag Published on 11 Mar 2018

Pastor J.D. answers the question of why fulfillment of prophecy is now moving so fast. This is a great update and if you are not familiar with Pastor JD, he gives a prophecy update weekly.

Duration: 42:57

Last Days

The Last Generation

Brett Mays - March 2018

A great little series of short video's that confirm biblical truth and that we are living in the last generation. Great content (but no voice commentary).

Part 6: Are we the bride of Christ or the body of Christ? [9:06]

Part 5: When does the 120th jubilee end? [8:47]

Part 4: Can you loose your salvation? [10:32]

Part 3: Israel and how 1947-48 marks the last generation. [12:28]

Part 2: Signs of Jesus returning. [8:20]

Part 1: A timeline of events showing 6,000 years of human history. [8:28]

Last Days

Are We the Terminal Generation: 15 Signs of His Imminent Return?

Jan Markell Published on 4 Mar 2018

Jan Markell, of Olive Tree Ministries, discusses 15 signs of Jesus Christ's imminent return as reflected in the current world events and individuals that fulfill the Word of God.

Duration: 1:07:53

Last Days

Hidden in Plain View: The New World Order in Bible Prophecy

Jan Markell Published on 2 Mar 2018

How is the Antichrist's kingdom forming even now? Who are the major players trying to bring it about? Donald Trump threw them a roadblock in November of 2016 so their plan is delayed, but it will not be denied. Jan Markell explains the efforts to establish one world and how it blossoms after the Church is gone.

Duration: 1:10:15

Last Days Tribulation

The World in 2018: Prospects and Prophetic Insights for 2018

God's Roadmap to the End Published in Feb 2018

In these 3 video's Jaco looks at the Revelation 12 sign that was fulfilled on September 23, 2017 in hindsight and what to make of the events occurring in the world today as well as the overwhelming number of signs that are given to us by our Heavenly Father. He also looks at current events occurring in the world that would seem to have a very strong prophetic significance and how these tie in with what was written in the Word of God.

Part 1: The World in 2018: Prospects and Prophetic Insights for 2018 [45:12]

Part 2: The World in 2018: Prospects and Prophetic Insights for 2018 [32:17]

Part 3: The World in 2018: Prospects and Prophetic Insights for 2018 [1:01:46]

Last Days

SCOFFERS - An Analysis!

Zeus Mossbender, Published on 13 Sep 2017

The SCOFFERS are OUT & ABOUT ... but their times is SHORT!! An excellent analysis by Paul in his own unique style!!

Duration: 31:22

Last Days

The Great Pyramid - An Altar to the Lord?

BibleTruth411 Published on 24 Nov 2013

The Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt) is God's plan in stone. Do you understand how this monument demonstrates engineering, mathematics, cosmology, geography, chronology and God's plan? If you have never studied the Great Pyramid, then this is a must watch for you!

Duration: 49:12

Last Days

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