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Prophetic Perspectives 2019

God's Roadmap to the End, Published on 9th & 18th Feb 2019

In these 2 video's, Jaco looks at how the Word of God is pointing us to some of the events that could occur on the Feast of Purim on Israel's calendar and how the nation of Israel, may be keeping the wrong Feast in what they refer to as a pregnant year. In the second video, Jaco speculates that the resurection of the unbelieving dead may occur at the same time as the believing dead, possibly also at Purim.

Prophecy and World Events Converging at Purim [40:44]

Finer Details Regarding the Resurrection of the Dead [21:24]

Last Days

Aliens and the End Times Deception

Prophecy Update Videos, Published on 16 Feb 2019

Since 1947, UFO sightings, claims of alien abduction, and "government disclosures" have exploded. “Aliens” have appeared in movies, books, cartoons, video games, TV Series, toys: There have been well over 500 movies featuring extraterrestrials and there are hundreds of TV shows/series about aliens. Untold millions of average people now believe that aliens and UFO's exist. Certainly something is going on, but what?

Duration: 15:42


What is the Millennial Kingdom?

UNLEARN the lies, Published on 13 Feb 2019

This great little video answers the question: What is the Millennial Kingdom, or the thousand year reign of Messiah on earth?

Duration 9:26


"What the Rapture Means for Israel" Pastor Tom Thompson

Hope For Our Times, Published on 11 Feb 2019

In this video, Pastor Tom Thompson looks at the effect of the Rapture on Israel. What does the Rapture mean to the nation of Israel? Will the Rapture lead to the introduction and rise of the anti-christ? Does the Rapture have anything to do with the building of the Third Temple? Find out in this thought provoking message from Pastor Tim Thompson.

Duration: 38:45

Israel Rapture

A Scary Warning to America - the world! (2019)

Jason A, Published on 8 Feb 2019

Jason pulls together news clips from the US and China to tell the story of how technology, information and supercomputers are being used to control people. A fascinating look into the near future of our world.

Duration: 21:54

Last Days

Earth's Moon | Beyond the Stars

World Video Bible School (WVBS), Published on 7 Feb 2019

The Moon is our nearest celestial neighbor, making it the brightest object in the night sky. This video shows how the moon, created by God, has a designed role in supporting the balance of life here on Earth. Great video!

Duration 9:30


Israel: The Number #1 End Time Sign

Prophecy Update Videos, Published on 30 Jan 2019

Israel is the number one end time sign! This video recaps the amazing history of Israel, from a Biblical perspective. It then explains the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel and how that relates to Israel, past, present and future. Great Watch!

Duration: 55:16


God’s 7,000 Year Plan

Prophecy Update Videos, Published on 26 Jan 2019

God’s 7,000 year plan is a well known Biblical theory. Why did God take 6 days to create the world when He could have just snapped His fingers and poof, there it was? Why did God not create in 1 day? but He chose to create in 6 days and rested the 7th day? This video investigates the evidence that God is operating to a 7,000 year plan and this is revealed throughout the Bible. A well produced video summary on this 7,000 year theory!

Duration 19:13

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Does the Bible Point to a mid-2019 Rapture ?

SR Monette, Published on 19 Jan 2019 to 4th Feb 2019

In these 4 video's, Steve gives a theory relating to the 70 weeks of Daniel prophecy and the fact that the prophecy could be repeating (second fulfillment). Does the Bible point to a mid-2019 rapture? and why do numerous other prophetic events converge into April 2019? Good questions! and Steve answers them well in this thought provoking study. Interesting Watch!

Part 1: [12:26]

Part 2: [11:10]

Part 3: [12:07]

Part 4: [9:45]


Ron Rhodes on the Rapture

Christ In Prophecy, Published on 27 Oct 2016

Will the Rapture occur before, during, or after the Tribulation? Find out with speaker Ron Rhodes on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Duration: 28:30


America in 2019 - The Truth May Scare You!

Jason A, Published on 26 Jan 2019

Jason brings us this distrurbing video, which shows what is happening in America (and around the world) in 2019. The truth may scare you, it did me! It just shows how close we must be to the Rapture and the Tribulation.

Duration: 20:07

Last Days

The Mystery of the Rapture?

Behold Israel, Published on 23rd Jan 2019

A timely message on the blessed hope of every believer. What is the Rapture? Who will be raptured? When will that happen? These questions and more are answered in this teaching, recorded on the top of the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem.

Duration: 45:21


Why There Must be a Pre-Tribulation Rapture of The Church

Real Life with Jack Hibbs, Published on 13 Jan 2019

The timing of the rapture in relation to the tribulation is one of the most controversial issues in the church today. The three primary views are pre-tribulational (the rapture occurs before the tribulation), mid-tribulational (the rapture occurs at or near the mid-point of the tribulation), and post-tribulational (the rapture occurs at the end of the tribulation). Pastor Jack Hibbs examines scripture and makes a case for the pre-tribulation rapture position of the church. Great sermon by Jack Hibbs.

Duration: 1:01:41


The Millenial Kingdom

New Life Media, Streamed live on 16 Jan 2019

From the Phillipines, Amir Tsarfati teaches about the Millennial Kingdom.

Duration 24:49


Super Wolf Blood Moon Harbinger Prophecy January 21 2019

ShantiUniverse, Published on 31 Dec 2018

This video highlights how the January full moon is set to be very special indeed as four lunar spectacles combine to give the night sky a red hue plus how this lunar event connects to the Bible Prophecy.

Duration 6:07


The Olivet Discourse

Derek Walker (Oxford Bible Church), Published on 5 Feb 2018

Pastor Derek Walker takes us through the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Luke 21), which is Jesus' great prophecy of the end-times, answering 3 Questions (Matthew 24:3): (1) What is the Sign of the Temple's destruction (Luke 21:7, 20-24)?, (2) what are the Signs of His 2nd Coming? (Matthew 24:4-31), and (3) the Signs of the End of the Age or Tribulation (Matthew 24:32-44).

The Olivet Discourse Session 1: The Structure [28:30]

The Olivet Discourse Session 2: The Signs of the Times [28:30]

The Olivet Discourse Session 3: The Rapture [28:30]

Bible Rapture Tribulation


At Calvary Chapel Tustin, in Santa Ana, California, USA
On 5th January 2019

Barry Stagner

Barry talks about the 'Time of the Signs' and how the signs in the world today match up to scripture.

Duration: 1:00:48

Jan Markell

Jan talks about globalism, the increase in technology and the rise of the New World Order.

Duration: 1:03:31

Amir Tsarfati

Amir talks about 'The Great Separation' and how we were created by God to live with Him.

Duration: 43:12

Jack Hibbs

Jack talks about 'What is the big deal about Bible Prophecy' and answers questions like 'why is there a Biblical challenge to be watching'?

Duration: 1:03:16

Questions and Answers

Question and Answer session involving all the speakers addressing the topic of 'awaiting His return'.

Duration: 47:46

Finding the Mountain of Moses: The Real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

The Ryan Mauro Show, Premiered on 17 Dec 2018

For generations, we have been taught we had to believe the story of the Exodus on faith alone. We were taught that Mount Sinai was located in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, but there was barely any evidence found there to make the story of Moses and the Exodus believable. A new theory has emerged in recent decades that the real Mount Sinai is actually in Saudi Arabia, along with other stunning evidences. Must Watch!

Duration 24:49


2019 Rapture?

Robert Breaker, Published on 3 Jan 2019

Robert Breaker gets back to his whiteboard and reports on the ongoing discussion that the rapture COULD take place in 2019. Very interesting!

Duration: 47:17

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